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ITW promotes innovation and best practice for better public services. Our programmes focus on practical action: bridging policy and practice
Thanks very much for a thought-provoking evening. I came away buzzing with ideas.
Chief Executive, Major Unitary Council

ITW Networks

Innovation and best practice for better public services.

The UK’s public services innovation and best practice network

ITW is an independent organisation committed to creating better public services in the UK. We work closely with government departments, local public bodies, global and national firms, SMEs, the third sector and academia to diffuse innovation and best practice in public service reform. We do this by facilitating programmes of working groups and published research that address the key issues in implementing change.

Our programmes focus on practical action: bridging policy and practice.

There are now six programmes helping to deliver change in Whitehall, Local Government, the Health system and the Justice and Community Safety community.

Who takes part?

Public sector innovators

From DGs, Directors and Deputy Directors in Whitehall, to Chief Executives and Service Heads in Local Government; Chief Constables and Prison Governors in the Justice system and Senior Clinicians, Chief Executives and Policy Directors from across the Health service – ITW programmes consistently attract those working at the leading edge of change; the innovators and fresh thinkers driving real reform across the system.

Industry innovators

Industry partners are invited to participate based on their expertise in relevant programme areas. From global industry leaders to emerging SMEs, from niche technology experts to the world’s leading government advisers, our private sector partners bring essential know how, national and international experience and new perspectives to enrich the programme and help draw practical conclusions.

Find out more about how our programmes work

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