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ITW programmes engage government departments, local public bodies, global and national firms, SMEs and academic and third sector organisations to identify, share and diffuse innovations and best practices in public services reform.

Leading Locally in a Digital World - New Programme

Leading Locally in a Digital World - New

Part of the Public Services Innovation and Best Practice Network

How can local government leaders define and implement local services fit for the digital world? How can chief officers lead and manage the service, organisation and cultural changes necessary to harness the full opportunity? What is the real business case for digital in local public services?

The leading locally in a digital world programme engages senior officers and experts in industry to create a ‘big picture’ of how developments in areas such as social media, mobile and other digital technologies can be harnessed to support new relationships between local authorities and their citizens/service users, new operating models and radically reduced cost. It will make recommendations about how digital solutions could be used to improve service quality and generate savings in specific areas of local government activity, such as adult social care or environmental services. Crucially, it will also address the central leadership and organisational challenges involved in driving forward strategic change enabled by technology.

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