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ITW programmes engage government departments, local public bodies, global and national firms, SMEs and academic and third sector organisations to identify, share and diffuse innovations and best practices in public services reform.

How Programmes Work

Diffusing innovation and best practice
Committed to spreading good ideas

These principles underpin how our programmes work:

  • Right scale: Activities are on an appropriate scale for rich, in-depth exchanges between senior people in a board room or round table format. Everyone can contribute, unlike conferences.
  • Clear focus: There is a clear focus on improving public services. Meetings are specifically designed to draw on the knowledge and experience of the participants. The group focuses on practical responses to pressing issues.
  • Professional: A skilled facilitator, with experience in both the public and commercial sectors, moderates the sessions carefully for the benefit of all participants.
  • Apolitical: ITW does not represent a particular policy stand or opinion and we do not lobby Government. Participants focus on finding innovative solution to real business issues – putting policy into practice.
  • Independent: All activities are organised through the network and involve representatives from multiple organisations. We do not facilitate one-to-one meetings between participants or sell our contact information.
  • A safe space: Operating under the Chatham House rule means that participants are able to express themselves freely, leading to an open, challenging and high-quality exchange.
  • Cost effective: Participation in the network is free for public and third sector participants, who actively contribute their time, expertise and experience. Some Whitehall Departments match-fund programmes and each programme is co-funded by a group of industry partners, making participation cost effective for each individual organisation.
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