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ITW programmes engage government departments, local public bodies, global and national firms, SMEs and academic and third sector organisations to identify, share and diffuse innovations and best practices in public services reform.

Health Innovation Exchange Programme

Health Innovation Exchange

Part of the Public Services Innovation and Best Practice Network

Can we create new guidance from the latest innovation case studies, to better spread change across the NHS? How can local innovations be made sustainable? How can we influence the NHS’s working culture? What is the true role of NHS and industry top leaders in system wide transformation and improvement?

The Health Innovation programme is focused on promoting the diffusion and adoption of the latest innovations across the health system. Taking case studies of successful use of technology, new working practices and organisational improvement as the starting point, the programme identifies roadmaps to better outcomes and promotes these widely to support more rapid and effective system wide change.

The programme supports the DH and NHS England’s innovation policies, including ‘Innovation, Health and Wealth’, the ‘health service innovation’ elements of the UK Plan for Growth. It engages leaders from the national organisations, CEOs and senior directors from the NHS and CEOs and national leaders from industry, along with the Third sector and academia.


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A Health Innovation Exchange Innovation and Best Practice Group publication.
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